Vintage Crockery Jug R118

Vintage Crockery Jug with Corn Cob Stopper

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Vintage crockery jug with brown glaze and a corn cob stopper is rustic darling, this jug no doubt held honey or molasses, or moonshine! A true piece of utilitarian Americana kitchen ware, early kitchens were full of these stoneware and earthenware vessels.

A truly charming makeshift cork top, the corn cob has been with this vintage crockery jug for ages, and it's stuck firmly in the mouth of this piece. A terrific bit of propping, and historic home decor, nothing quite says Americana kitchen like a crock!

Minor wear due to age do not detract from the look of this piece, in great condition.

Size measures: 7-3/4"Diameter x 8-3/4"H